Reporting To Parents

Parents are informed of their child’s progress in learning through the sharing of achievement books & individual targets, attending parent consultations and meetings for pupils in school.

Over and above set meetings, parents are welcome to contact the school at any time to ask for information or for an interview.

Parent Consultations
We offer opportunities for you to discuss your child’s progress with teachers through arranged meetings, usually during the Autumn and Summer terms. You will be advised when these meetings take place.

You may be interested in our Marking Pupil Work guide which gives information on the purpose and method of marking work in Gylemuir Primary.

Learning Showcases
Each class also invites parents to a showcase event within their classroom during the school year in order to share their learning with parents.

Curriculum Showcases
The school invites parents to these events where they can find out more about the practical delivery of different curriculum areas.

Additional Parental Involvement
Parents are also offered a number of opportunities to become involved in school life. During the school year we run coffee mornings and have numerous volunteering opportunities for parents. Other workshops offered to all parents are dependant on activities occurring within the school at any given time.

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