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Updated Transition Information for New P1s – 15th June 2020

Dear Families,

I am sharing with you some information sent out by Mrs Smart to the whole school, as this will also impact all children due to start P1 in August. We are still planning on sending out a virtual meet your new teacher, but slightly later than we had hoped. This will now happen during wk. beginning 22nd June. I will send out a parent’s questionnaire after the 22nd of June to gather any further questions you may have about your child starting school in August.

Warmest wishes,

Alison Thomson
Depute Head Teacher

Schools re-opening – August
I hope by now everyone has had a chance to read the letter sent by Alistair Gaw to all parents on Friday. I have attached it to this newsletter just in case anyone missed it. Pupils will return to school on the 12th and will be divided into 3 groups across the school, with each group attending on a different day of the week. Siblings will attend school on the same day. Where possible we will also consider friendships within the 3 groups.

Understandably, some parents have requested specific days for their children to attend school. Unfortunately, this is extremely challenging logistically, and is not something we are able to do.
Thank you to all the parents who have responded to our survey about schools re-opening. This has been helpful in ensuring that we provide you with the information that you feel is most important.

Staff have prepared two Information Guides – one specifically for pupils and one for parents and carers. Included in the Guides are photos and video clips to illustrate and show you what school will look like in August. We hope this will help remove some of the anxiety that families may feel about coming back to school.

By 22nd June we will send out to parents:

• Parent Guide for School Re-opening and FAQ
• Pupil Guide for School Re-opening
• Attendance timetable for each group (which days groups will be in school)
• School start and finish times
• School and home learning guidance

I had hoped to be able to share with you who your child’s new teacher will be at the beginning of June. Unfortunately, I have not been able to do this as our staffing for next session has not yet been finalised. I appreciate that this adds to everyone’s anxiety levels and apologise for the delay in appointing all our new staff to the school.

I can share that next session we will be joined by Ms Charissa Armitage and Miss Elaine Aughney who have taken up posts at the school. We hope to complete our recruitment process by Mon 22nd June, at which point we will be able to share class teachers with all our pupils.

Take care,
Aileen Smart
Head Teacher

Message for Parents of Pupils Moving into Primary 1

Dear Parents / Carers,

I hope you are finding  the information we are sharing helpful and it is beginning to answer many of your questions.  In school we are preparing the environment for children returning in August and further information about this and keeping everyone safe will be sent home.  We have been advised by Edinburgh Council that there should not be any universal new P1 transitions in school at this current time.

To help us get to know your child better I have attached a pro-forma that you can complete with your child and return to us.  This will be shared with their new teacher.   The form can be posted or typed and emailed back to us. Drawings can be done on a separate sheet of paper, photographed and emailed back with the proforma.   Please find the best method that works for you.  I will put the template on the school website for those who may not be able to open the attachment on their device.

Please return all forms and pictures to Or if you prefer to post them, Gylemuir Primary School, Wester Broom Place, Edinburgh, EH12 7RT.

Warmest wishes,
Mrs Thomson

Pro-forma: Moving into P1 – This is Me


Home Learning Website is Live

Our new Home Learning website is now live. Access the site at:

Home learning screenshot

The site has a range of resources, links and information to support parents, carers and their children throughout the school closure.

It will be updated regularly with additional materials and resources.

You can find out more information about learning from home in the document below:
Edinburgh Learns – Guidance for Parents

School Closure – Home Learning Materials

In light of nationwide school closures as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, we have set up a dedicated Gylemuir Primary School HOME LEARNING website.

Home learning screenshot

The site has a range of resources, links and information to support parents, carers and their children throughout the school closure.

It will be updated regularly with additional materials and resources.

The site will go live on Monday 23rd March.

Visit the site here: