Primary 6

Welcome to Primary 6

Our teachers are Mrs. Horne, Mr. Richards & Ms Clark.

It’s been all go in Primary 6 since the children came back from the Christmas break, with a new teacher for both classes. Ms Clark is now teaching P6b, while Mr. Richards is teaching P6a on Mondays and Tuesdays. Mrs Horne continues to teach P6a for the other part of the week.

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From studying Shakespeare’s works, working with their P2 buddies and writing songs, to making & programming Lego Robots with the help of Generation Science, the children have been keeping busy!


P6a have had a great start to the new school year.

In August  we visited the Book Festival  to hear the author Ross Montgomery talk about writing his new book Perijee and Me. As a follow up we wrote a thank you letter, including ideas for our own aliens and then designed our own aliens.

In art and design we have been learning about the life and work of the artist Vincent Van Gogh. We have responded to the work of the artist by drawing sunflowers and writing a letter in the style of Van Gogh to his brother Theo.

On Tuesday 13th of September we celebrated the 100th birthday of the writer Roald Dahl as we are carrying out work linked to the novel Matilda. We dressed up as characters from his novels and poems, shared our costume with Primary 3 and had a birthday cake as we learned about the author himself.

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In P6b, our secret library has a bookcase where each shelf section belongs to each of us and shows our different personalities, interests and characteristics. Can you spot the 2 mistakes?

Our metacognition wall is really important to us as it is helping us understand WHY and HOW and WHAT we learn and how the skills transfer to other areas. Growth mindset is the key to reaching our goals. Metacognition means – thinking about thinking!

Our class vision window shows our class values we created together and aim to stick to. We want to support each other and help ourselves to do our very best in all aspects of school and beyond.

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