School Lunches

Our school meals cost £1.95 per day and are provided by Edinburgh Catering Services.
For this price your child can have a two course meal – either soup and a hot main meal, or a hot main and a pudding plus vegetables / salad and bread. A drink is also provided with the meal.
Friday lunches are a packed lunch.

View the current menu here:
Lunches Menu – Autumn / Winter 2015


To find out if your pupil qualifies for free school lunches please click here.

As part of Government policy, all P1-P3 pupils are entitled to a free school meal.


The whole school uses a system of pre-ordering and paying for lunches.
Look out for a pink Lunch Order Form form in your child’s bag every 3 weeks.

The school lunch times are:
P1-P2: 11.45am-12.30pm
P3-P7: 12.30-1.15pm

Q & A

Q: Why do I have to order in advance?
A: A pre-ordering system is being implemented in all schools to help manage the process and ensure that all pupils receive their first choice of main meal for lunch.
Q: My child won’t remember what they ordered, how is this managed?
A: We have a note of each child’s choice and will issue coloured bands to allow the dinner staff to identify what choice each pupil has made.  This should also speed up service.

Q: What if I forget to order, will my child still get a meal?
A: On these odd occasions we will check with the dinner staff to see if they can still provide a meal, however your child may not get their first choice.  If the dinner staff are unable to provide a meal we will ask you to provide a packed lunch.

Q: If my child is absent and misses a day of lunch which has been paid for, what will happen?
A: We will check the absence register on the following Monday and the dinner money will be refunded to you.

Q: If there is a school trip and we have to supply a packed lunch, will we know about this in advance?
A: We will, where possible, make sure parents are aware of trips ahead of our 3 weekly pre-ordering cycle.

Q: Will P1-P3 children receive a packed lunch on a Friday?
A: Yes, if you have ordered a packed lunch your child will be given one to take home.

Q: What if I choose not to pay for 3 weeks at a time?
A: You can supply dinner money weekly if preferred, marked clearly with the week you are paying for, however we cannot accept money on a day by day basis.

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