School Uniform

Parents are asked to co-operate with the school in encouraging the wearing of the school uniform. The uniform incorporates a range of popular items of dress, e.g. sweatshirts, polo shirts and cardigans. The uniform colour for P1-6 is grey, while Primary 7 pupils wear a royal blue sweatshirt.

There are a number of companies who sell Gylemuir Primary School uniform online.
Click below to order from:

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Polo shirts, sweatshirts, sweatshirt cardigans and jackets can be purchased from the school. Prices range from £7.70 for a polo shirt and £8.20 for a sweatshirt up to £13 for a fleece. Many other items are available and more detailed information regarding school uniform is available from the School Office on request.

To see if you qualify for vouchers to assist you in buying school uniform please click here.

The appropriate clothing and footwear for PE is a T-shirt, shorts and gym shoes with non-marking soles. These are necessary for health and safety reasons and your co-operation is requested to ensure that pupils are equipped to participate in the PE lessons.
Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly labelled, particularly sweatshirts and PE kit which are often lost.

If school sweatshirts are not worn pupils should be dressed in the school colours and should be neat and tidy. Extremes of fashion (such as popper trousers, crop-tops, pedal-pushers and other fashion items, especially those with writing on them) are nice for out of school but not suitable school wear.

If you have any queries regarding the school’s dress code, please contact the School Office.

For those pupils going on to Forrester High School, you can find details of how to order that uniform using the link below:
Forrester High School Uniform

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