Severe Weather Arrangements

NOTE: If many schools are affected by severe weather or the situation is likely to be prolonged, then the Council’s website – – will be used for updates in addition to the sources mentioned below.

On particularly wet mornings, children can access school from 8.40am and will be welcomed into school by a Pupil Support Assistant. Children are supervised in their classrooms during this time and are also supervised in their classrooms during a wet playtime or lunchtime children. It is especially important that they exercise good behaviour on these occasions.
Children who go home for lunch should not return to school until after 1.00pm.

In the event of severe weather, or another emergency that prevents schools from opening in the morning or results in an early closure, a range of communications channels are used to let parents know.

We will use a text messaging service using the telephone number parents have provided.

Announcements will also be made on Radio Forth (Forth 1 and Forth 2) and via the Council’s corporate Twitter and Facebook accounts:

Snow Day Activity Ideas

xmas_wb022046_NVTech-1 In the event of school closure due to severe weather the following activities may help keep children occupied:

  • Write a list of instructions for building a snowman.
  • Write an exciting story about a snowy day adventure.  Remember your VCOP strategies – vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation.
  • Draw a seasonal picture – spring, summer, autumn or winter.
  • Carry out a science experiment.  Put containers of snow or ice in different places – beside the radiator, on the windowsill, in the kitchen etc.  Record how long it takes for the snow or ice in each container to melt.  Can you work out why this was the case?
  • Help an adult make lunch or dinner, then set the table.

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